How to fix/instal Windows 10 on your old laptop with dual GPU (Intel/NVIDIA)?

I have one old but still very usable Lenovo T530 laptop and I wanted to test how Windows 10 will work on it. I remember I did install Windows 10 once but I didn’t had SSD then. Well, I created another partition and gave it a try. Installation would fail numerous time somwhere in the middle. Black screen and nothing. I even let it like that over night and nothing happened. So I almost gave up and then I remembered I tweaked BIOS since I prefer using only one GPU (NVIDIA).

So after changing in BIOS to use BOTH GPU-s (Optimus) I was able to install Windows 10 properly. After so many years of Windows 10 in production they still didn’t fix that issue.

Solution is simple, either reset BIOS to default settings or turn Optimus ON.

Other than that, Windows 10 is working fine on T530, but I still don’t use it daily since I’m pretty happy with Windows 7.