DIY: Computer power/reset switch, HDD/power LED box

My computer is located outside on the balcony of building. It’s used mainly for gaming and multimedia. First it was in the living room and I tried to quiet it down but didn’t succeed so I decided to put it on balcony. It is running 0-24h but from time to time some game would freeze, or Kodi and Windows would go wild and unresponsive. It’s not often but happens. So I decided to do something about it.

I was first searching for some old toy or box that I can use for this “experiment” and I stumbled upon iSharpener that my wife bought for kids but was poorly working so with my wife’s permission I decided to make use of it 🙂

Things I needed and had at my home to get this done:

  • iSharpener box (any kind of plastic box or toy would sufficeisharpener-rubick-cube
  • thin CAT-5 LAN cable, 5m (any cable with eight wires)
  • computer cables for power switch, power led, reset switch and hdd led (search on ebay for ATX Power On Reset Switch HDD Cable)power_reset_hdd_cable

blue LED power switch for effective look – took this on ebay (you can search for 12V 16mm LED power switch to find other colors)led_power_switch

It is pretty straight forward to assemble this

So after soldering this all together the final result was this: