Simple data sync between two Windows computers

For years I had few hard drives in one PC and I was using RAID/rsync/freefilesync to make data backup between disks.

Once that PC was running Windows 2003 but then I moved to Debian then Freenas and now it’s running Windows 7 Pro.

Reasons for using Windows 7:

– PS1/PS2/WII/SNES emulators
– TV tuner (no good *nix drivers for this cheap dual tuner)
– Steam games

Anyway, since my laptop died I had to replace it with spare desktop PC I had in my house.  As I didn’t want to buy another hard drive I took one from, let’s call it “server” :).

Now my documents, family pictures and videos are on “server”, and backup is on my desktop PC so I had to write simple script that will:

– check if desktop PC is online
-> if it’s offline, turn it ON and then start syncing data
-> if it’s online start syncing data
– write log file
-> if it was offline/in sleep, put it back to SLEEP

You should be familiar with editing text/vbs files, creating Windows users and mapping drives and directories to use this script.

Download script here: >>> <<<