HP DV7-3190EM and Windows XP

Today I had pleasure of installing Windows XP onto this fancy laptop, but since I spent only two hours to find suitable/working/good drivers for it I’ve decided to zip them and upload to my site so you don’t have to waste your time like I did 🙂

It’s clear that HP is slowely trying to stop manufacturing drivers for Windows XP, and Windows 7 SP1 is almost out (it should be released this month) so maybe it’s best for all to switch to Windows 7 64bit. At least W7 will properly use all 4 gigs of memory.

You can download Windows XP drivers here:

The best way to install drivers for this or any other laptop is via http://drp.su/ just download
the whole pack and run it, it will install all drivers without a problem. I’ve tried it, and it’s a killer project, works for any computer!